Vs. Cloak Hosting

Everyday you seam to hear more and more about this new SEO hosting site called

Some people are saying it’s way better than while others say it’s basically the same thing. We decided to break down the differences and see if they really are the same or if there is one that’s better than the other.

Here we go… is one of the original SEO hosting companies. They’re owned by Host Gator and they give their users different C-class IP addresses to host their blog farms on.

Their prices are comparable to most other hosts who offer similar services.

When we say “similar services” we mean hosting companies that also sell ordered C-class IP addresses.

For example this is the type of IP you could expect to buy from






As you see, the biggest change in these IP addresses is the number in the “C” position (and they are generally sold in numbered blocks that go in order).

That’s how most SEO hosts have worked for years.

Unfortunately, as Panda and Penguin has shown us, Google can spot those sites a mile away.

And that’s the difference says they bring to the table.

With their first-of-its-kind approach to SEO hosting, Cloak Hosting makes it nearly impossible for Google or other search engines to link one of blog network sites to another.

They’re not hosted on ordered C-class IP addresses.

In fact, they’re on dozens of different A-class IP addresses, in multiple data centers, throughout the world.

If you look closely, you’ll see most hosting companies only use 1 or 2 data centers.

So is there a difference between and Absolutely. And by choosing Cloak Hosting you don’t have to worry about Google slapping your ordered IP addresses again.